Monto Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation

Our vets are BULLCHECK accredited with the Australian Cattle Vets Association and can undertake all your bull testing requirements for stud, sale and paddock bulls.

The ACV have determined that fertility is the ability of a bull to achieve, by natural service, a pregnancy rate of 60% and 90% in 50 normally cycling females, within three and nine weeks of mating, respectively.

Our evalution can give an indication of the potential breeding value of the bull in a normal mating situation and includes:

  • A general physical examination including structure (conformation)
  • An examination of the testicles and measurement of scrotal size
  • Collection and assessment of a semen sample crush side
  • Laboratory examination of a preserved semen sample for sperm morphology

Full certification of crushside and morphology testing  is available through the ACV Bull Reporter Program